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Fitness and Your Court Case (Yes, Really!) – Part One of Two

By Grayson Cannon


Fitness Is Important All Year.

This time of year, lots of us turn to New Year’s resolutions about our physical fitness, hopeful that changing our health will change our lives. We may resolve to start an exercise program or a diet believing we’ll feel and look better. Sometimes, these resolutions don’t last very long and people return to their old habits quickly.
Really, though, health and fitness are important all year long. They should be part of a regular, daily ongoing routine. It’s a lot easier to make meaningful lasting changes when we incorporate them into our everyday lives.

Fitness Helps You Through Stress.

Although many of my clients may not have thought about it before, maintaining your physical health and well-being is critical when going through life stresses such as a divorce or some other legal proceeding. Maintaining a routine of healthy eating habits and some form of physical exercise can be a great way to blow off steam. Not only that, when you are physically healthy, you can think more clearly and make better emotional decisions for yourself and your family. From my perspective as your lawyer, you are a more rational, thoughtful client who will give careful consideration to my suggestions during your case, and be less likely to do things I simply won’t be able to explain to a judge.

Make Your Health a Priority.

If you are considering making a major life change such as filing for divorce, or if you are already in the midst of this kind of stressful situation, do yourself and your family a favor by taking excellent care of your health during this process. Make being as healthy as you can be a priority. I know it’s tough – and it’s easy to give in to a desire to drink or party or do something destructive to relieve stress – like we see on TV or hear in country songs. But the reality is that in the long run those actions don’t help and sometimes even make things worse. When you are going through a divorce and many other types of cases, your behavior can be in the spotlight. It would be really hard for the attorney on the other side to accuse you of (GASP!) being out taking a fitness walk last night; but being out on the town bar-hopping doesn’t look so good.
When your body is healthy, your mind is clear. Remember that during your divorce process or any other kind of litigation you may be called upon to make some very important decisions about your future and your childrens’ futures. Taking care of yourself means you are better able to focus and make good decisions.
So, now that I’ve convinced you to make being healthy an important aspect of your court case, we’ll talk later in the week about some tips to make those changes if you aren’t already caring for your health and exercising, and help you stick to your new routine.