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Person signing prenuptual agreementPhillips & Ingrum is honored to have assisted countless families with completing or expanding their families through adoption, as well as assisting birth parents in making the decision to place their child for adoption. Absent very specific circumstances, before an adoption can take place, the parental rights (or potential rights) of one or more people must be terminated or surrendered. In addition to adoptions, our attorneys have experience both pursuing and defending termination of parental rights.

We have represented adoptive parents and birth parents in stepparent adoptions, grandparent and other relative adoptions, adult adoptions, and those circumstances where no prior legal relationship exists. In recent years, Tennessee has also formalized the use of Post Adoption Contact Agreements, which is a way to effectuate what parties commonly refer to as “open adoption” and something we are able to negotiate for any party involved.

Termination of parental rights and adoptions are procedurally complex, and our attorneys can help you navigate the options that best suit your circumstances with a consultation.


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The ramifications of a domestic assault case are severe and long-lasting, but fortunately the most prepared attorney will have a distinct advantage. During your initial consultation, one of our attorneys will rigorously review all of your paperwork, including the affidavit of complaint, arrest warrant and full police report, and conduct a thorough examination of the facts in order to provide you with the best representation on your court day.

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